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Flow Center Products, Inc. was established in May 2002 in Crawfordsville, IN. Roy Klaty, the founder and president of Flow Center Products, has over 25 years experience with geothermal systems. The company started with a vision to provide the geothermal industry with a variety of ground source loop pumps. We have been able to meet that goal by offering advanced technology and several different brands. With many well drilling and geothermal installers, the flow centers offered by Flow Center Products are a terminating point for them on the loop side of the installation. Since all of our flow centers come with built-in flush valves, installers can flush, fill, and test the system quickly and efficiently.
Flow centers are available for both residential and commercial ground loop heating and cooling systems. Our modules are compatible with Bell & Gossett, Grundfos, or Wilo pumps and can be configured with 1, 2, 3, or 4 pump units and the new technology with ECM variable speed pumps to match the load requirements. The advantages to geothermal heat pumps are reduced heating and cooling costs, low routine maintenance, as well as extreme durability and environmentally friendly. We also carry a full line of accessories such as hose kits, brass and PE (polyethylene) fittings, fusion tools, and much more. Flow Center Products, Inc. now has the largest original equipment manufacturer account with Wilo in the country. We recently expanded our office and warehouse space to better serve our evergrowing customer base. We plan to continue leading the industry in technology while providing the prompt, courteous service the Flow Center team is known for.
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